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Take the stress out of sharing


Keep track of what you owe


Get your chores done


Stay on top of work

Sharing made easy

Unihouse is your site for a shared house. Never lose out when a housemate owes you money again, and do it without losing the friendship!

Say goodbye to dirty toilets, with a chores calendar to make sure everything gets done each week!

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It's way better than pen and paper!

Organise your house, with fewer arguments with unihouse.

  • Organisation For Housemates
  • Enter what you've spent and who should pay
  • Unihouse does the rest and tells you how to settle up
  • Chores calendar, automatically creates a rota for the jobs that need doing
  • Individual revision timetables based on your exams that recalculate based on what you actually revised
  • Less stress, more friends!

What to do: it's really easy!

  1. Register a single account for your house
  2. Add your housemates
  3. Enter items you're owed for
  4. Get your housemates to do the same
  5. Let unihouse tell you how to settle up
  6. Add Chores, and let unihouse tell you who should do them
  7. Add your exams and unihouse will tell you what to revise

What people are saying!

What you've built so far is brilliant. I was doing it manually with a spreadsheet before, so you've saved me a lot of time.

As someone with unreliable, forgetful and debt-inclined housemates, I found Unihouse a remarkably simple tool with which to keep track of intra-house loans and favours. It serves as a virtual stick with which to beat the flakes, a functional memory aid and an intuitive calculator.(sic)

Tom Bayley - Durham Graduate