What is Unihouse?

Unihouse is a free online finance management system designed to provide an easy way for students in shared houses to spread the cost of house expenses fairly between housemates.

What can it do for me?

If you're living together, buying things for the house can get complicated. You can very quickly lose track of who owes how much to whom and end up in a big mess! Alternatively you might just take it as it comes and one person might end up paying far more or far less than they should.

With UniHouse, whenever a purchase is made that needs to be shared, it goes into the system, and the system keeps track of who owes how much to whom. When the differences get big, housemates can reimburse each other for the required amounts.

Is it safe?

Unihouse does not actually handle any money online. It keeps a record of what you've spent, but at no point does any of your money actually go through Unihouse.

How do I use it?

Set up an account, login and then you'll presented with your Dashboard. From here you can add a transaction, a reimbursement or look at your house's list of transactions or go to chores to make sure your housemates do theirs!

What is a transaction?

A transaction is what you enter when you've paid for something. So if you've paid the BT bill or been to Tesco for the house, then login and enter a transaction.

What then is a reimbursement?

A reimbursement is when one housemate directly gives money to another. So at the end of the term, or whenever you want to settle up, once you've given another housemate their money, you add that here.

I never received a verification email!

Double check your junk mail folder, and add [email protected] to your safe list. If you didn't get an email, then use the contact form to get in touch and we'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Why are there a few pence left over?

Amounts don't always add up to exact numbers of pence (or cents!), so you might get very small discrepancies when settling up. Don't worry, this won't add up in the long run, we make sure of that!

Can I add or remove users?

You can add users from your dashboard or account page, and you can archive them on your account page. We don't allow you to delete them because they might still owe you money!

How do I set up my revision timetable?

Click through to your housemate page (either from your box on the dashboard or from the account page). You'll then see a box below the header Revision Timetable asking you how many chunks per day you want to do. Enter a number in there and then click submit. You'll then be asked to add your exams. Do this one by one by clicking add exam and then filling in the form provided. Et voila! It's all worked out for you.

You can edit the names of chunks with the blue pencil and add a chunk with the green plus. The arrows allow you to move along the dates. Editing a particular revision session (blue pencil) allows you to change which exam you revised for in it. Hitting the red cross says you won't or haven't revised in that session, and the green tick says "I did it!".

Who is unihouse?


Unihouse is owned and maintained by Nathan Edwards. Nathan is a Web Developer in Durham, UK, and unihouse is his favourite project!

He is a maths graduate from Durham, and took on unihouse while he was a student, and made plenty of use of it then! He's lucky enough to be married to the lovely Anna.

You can find him on facebook, twitter and linkedIn. Finally, he hates writing about himself in the third person.

Kudos also goes to Richard Brunt, who's been a helping hand in the development of unihouse.